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The Zords/Megazords can be set on either Freeze Mode (to recapture a mutant criminal) or Destroy Mode. They are returned to the year 3000 after each battle, as 2001 doesn’t have the technology to refuel them.

Time Flyer 1
Name: Time Flyer 1
First Appearance: Episode 3
Owner(s): Red Ranger

Time Flyer 2
Name: Time Flyer 2
First Appearance: Episode 3
Owner(s): Blue Ranger

Time Flyer 3
Name: Time Flyer 3
First Appearance: Episode 3
Owner(s): Green Ranger

Time Flyer 4
Name: Time Flyer 4
First Appearance: Episode 3
Owner(s): Yellow Ranger

Time Flyer 5
Name: Time Flyer 5
First Appearance: Episode 3
Owner(s): Pink Ranger

Shadow Winger
Name: Shadow Winger; Time Shadow
First Appearance: Episode 9
Owner(s): Mystery man
Powers(Att): Blasting; stealth mode
Bio: The Shadow Winger transforms into the Time Shadow Megazord.

Quantasaurus Rex
Name: Quantasaurus Rex “Q-Rex”
First Appearance: Episode 14 (Ep13 (flashback))
Owner(s): Quantum Ranger
Powers(Att): Q-Rex Lasers (two laser cannons); giant laser from mouth
Bio: When Time Force first started experimenting with time travel, They sent the Quantasaurus Rex and the Quantum Controller back in time, but something went wrong and the two got separated and they were both lost somewhere in time. The mutant Commandocon opens a Time Hole to the past and retrieves the Q-Rex from the time of Dinosaurs. The Q-Rex can self-repair and replenish power. Quantum Ranger commands the Q-Rex with his Quantum Morpher. The Q-Rex transforms into the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord. It is powered with a Trizirium Crystal.
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