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Image Gallery Toys (Deluxe Zords/Megazords)

Deluxe Quantasaurus Rex Megazord Transformation
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The Time Force Story: When sinister beings create chaos in the past and future, only one crew of superteens called the Time Force Power Rangers can tackle the challenges of time and space. But now the legendary team faces more danger than ever as each adventure places them in a new and exciting era in history Equipped with futuristic vehicles and weaponry, the Time Force Power Rangers will leap forward and backwards through the ages to fight evil wherever it occurs.

5″ Figures
Red Time Force Power Ranger
Blue Time Force Power Ranger
Green Time Force Power Ranger
Yellow Time Force Power Ranger
Pink Time Force Power Ranger
Time Force Quantum Ranger
Red TF Fighter Power Ranger
Blue TF Fighter Power Ranger
Green TF Fighter Power Ranger
Yellow TF Fighter Power Ranger
Pink TF Fighter Power Ranger
TF Fighter Quantum Ranger

Figure Sets
Time Force Combo Pack
Time Force Power Ranger Mega Pack

5″ Megazord Figures
Trans-Warp Megazord
Time Force Megazord Mode Red
Time Force Megazord Mode Blue
Staff Whirling Time Shadow Megazord
Missile Firing Quantasaurus Rex Megazord

Deluxe Figures
Deluxe Red Mega Battle Power Ranger
Deluxe Blue Mega Battle Power Ranger
Deluxe Green Mega Battle Power Ranger
Deluxe Mega Battle Quantum Ranger
Red Battle Warrior Power Ranger
Blue Battle Warrior Power Ranger
Green Battle Warrior Power Ranger

Cycles with figures
Red Vector Cycle
Blue Vector Cycle
Green Vector Cycle
Yellow Vector Cycle
Pink Vector
Quantum Vector Cycle
Red Strata Cycle
Blue Strata Cycle
Green Strata Cycle
Quantum Strata Cycle

Vehicles with figures
Deluxe Time Jet
Deluxe TF Eagle
Deluxe Red Vector Wing

Time Force Megazord Mode Red
Time Force Megazord Mode Blue
Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red
Quantasaurus Rex Megazord

Megazord/Ranger Packs
Megazord/Ranger Pack (red)
Megazord/Ranger Pack (blue)

Deluxe Megazords
Deluxe Time Force Megazord
Deluxe Time Shadow Megazord
Deluxe Quantasaurus Rex Megazord

Deluxe Megazord Pack
Special Combo Pack (Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow Megazord)

Deluxe Playsets
Deluxe Playset Time Force Megazord Jet Mode
Deluxe Playset Red Time Force Power Ranger
Deluxe Trans-Warp Megazord Playset

Control Center
Time Force Power Rangers Control Center

Time Force Badge
Quantum Ranger’s Morpher

Quantum Defender
Deluxe Vortex Blaster

Talking Ultra Power Rangers
Red Talking Ultra Power Ranger
Blue Talking Ultra Power Ranger
Green Talking Ultra Power Ranger
Quantum Talking Ultra Power Ranger

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