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Thanks to everyone, your comments/posts are very much appreciated!

    i love power rangers

    Hello there, very good website you’ve at this time there.

    I love power rangers time force!!!

    time force teaches us to do not miss your time. the all episodes are enjoyful.

    I love the power rangers my favourite ranger is jen the pink ranger and Katie is a yellow ranger and I love boys too Wes is the red ranger trip the green ranger and luaus the blue ranger my favourite actor is jen and Katie my favourite actress is Wes trip Lucas as well
    My name is Margaret Keenan age 23 years old

    Power Rangers Time Force Is The Best tv show of the world i’m love PRTF <3

    i hope the power rangers keep going.i been knowing power rangres for 5 years now i love you power rangers i will be back

    What an awesome website! I’ve spent hours on here looking over everything and it’s all amazing. Thanks a lot!

    Do you have the Chrono Morpher alert sound?

    OMG It looks like power rangers samurai gateway is still a website!

    the blue ranger is awesome

    I love the page, you seem to be a very educated person and I appreciate that. I’m a big fan of power rangers time force, I might even make a cosplay with my husband as the red ranger and I’ll be the pink ranger, maybe you could post the pictures by then. Keep up the good work.

    Hey good work keep it up i luv u guys and i will like 2 b like u all power rangers time force u are d best

    Once again, amazing work on this site….Now I’m sad that it’s over :( I really liked this site and Time Force =\

    Really amazing site, :( sad to see this site come to an end since PRTF was my favorite season of PR! Can’t wait to see what season you do next!! :)

    Thnx :)

    Happy 1 year Anniversary to the Time Force site! Can’t believe that we’re into the final episode updates. Amazing work, Adam! :)

    where can i find the time force movie online

    Now that NickToons is airing PRTF, that works great with the final 5 episode updates, Adam :)


    YES! Power Rangers Time Force, the best season of all Time, will finally air on NickToons! Mega Morphenomenon will air on August 17th at 7PM ET!

    Just what I was thinking.

    So the Rangers visited “Ventara” in Reflections of Evil?? LOL

    love the show

    Awesome week of updates, Adam! We’re down into the final 10 episodes! This site is going to be even better! :)

    I love power rangers but has never seen this. :)

    Dear pink ranger please cell me

    w00t! We’re back with the updates….for a week!! Some of my favorite episodes are coming up!! :D

    please show on monday at 1.00 pm

    Hello. alex

    after all these years, I know why they called “Turtlecon” turtlecon….cuz he looks like a turtle….wow. LOL

    I hope “Bodyguard in Blue” updates will be added before this site goes into another hiatus when PRSS premieres next week. That was a great episode.

    i love your show it is really great . by the way i am 8 years old . all of you guys are my favorite.

    The next 3 episode updates should be really awesome. The Quantum Ranger arc was one of my favorites for a PR season. Great work on all these updates.


    Into the Quantum Ranger episodes we go. This is going to get good!! :)

    and ninja storm and dino thunder my favorite seasons

    hey guys

    Can’t wait to work on Quantum Ranger Updates.

    Hope for more updates soon, LOL. Some of my favorite episodes are coming up like the Quantum Ranger arc.

    I can’t wait for next episode’s updates. “Unknown Future” was my favorite.

    and mighty morphin zeo turbo in space lost galaxy lightspeed rescue and time force is all my favorite seasons

    my charater is trip

    i’m the green ranger

    oh realley time for time force

    i’m back

    the quantom ranger

    it eric

    timeforce can you tell me all about your self

    Time Shadow is next! That’s one of my top favorite episodes of Time Force!!

    Finally! Time Force Updates! LOL. Great work, Adam. I really like the “Mini Game” it’s like an interactive episode summary!! Can’t wait to see more.

    i go to both websites adam

    yo yo

    When will this site be updated again with episodes? I love this site!! LOL.

    Very Nice… Time Force is my favorite season!

    YES! I am going to be in love with this site!!! Love this ADAM!

    Time for Time Force!

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