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PRWF Episode 24 – Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 1

Guest Starring
Erin Cahil
Michael Copon
Jason Faunt
Kevin Kleinberg
Deborah Estelle Philips
Kate Sheldon
Daniel Southworth
Vernon Wells

Written by Amit Bhaumik
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto

Summary: Taylor is pulled over and given a speeding ticket by Eric of the Silver Guardians. Jindrax and Toxica discover three powerful stray Orgs they are unable to command. The three are searching for something. The Silver Guardians intercept the three Orgs believed to be Mutants at the Cranston Plaza. Wes and Eric of the Silver Guardians morph into Rangers but are overpowered. The Wild Force Rangers arrive. The three Orgs decide to leave them to continue their search. Eric and Taylor recognize each other. The two teams go their separate ways. The Wild Force team returns to the Animarium.

Wes and Eric contact the future to find out if any Mutants have escaped. Trip informs them that Time Force was tracking three fugitives in the year 3001, and how they showed up in the year 2002 is unknown. Jen was assigned a special mission to arrest those Mutants, but they lost contact with her a few weeks ago.

Someone is spying on the three fugitives. Their plan is to help pollute the Earth to create more Orgs and rule the future. Wes and Eric locate Taylor and she takes them to the Animarium. They are contacted by Trip and informed that the three fugitives are not just Mutants but are also half Org and are now classified as Mut-Orgs.

In the year 3001, Lucas and Katie go to Nadira for her help. They go to the Funaro Maximum Security Prison (the cryo-prison) to ask Ransik for his help.

The Mut-Orgs return and Wes, Eric and the Wild Force team intercept them but are still no match for the Mut-Orgs. Jen arrives and the Rangers retreat. The Mut-Orgs continue their search and find what they’ve been searching for — They join forces with Master Org.

To Be Continued…

End Credits:

Ilan Rosenberg
Sean McLin

Production Designer
Julie Bolder

Unit Production Manager
Shawn Tarkington

1st Assistant Directors
Stephen Harrison
Larry Kent Litton
Chris Auer

Story Editors
Amit Bhaumik
Suzi Shimoyama

Stunt Coordinators
Koichi Sakamoto
Makoto Yokoyama

Stunt Choreography
Alpha Stunts

Special Effects
John Bordeaux

Monster Department
Ivory Stanton
Kristen Catena

Art Director
Robert Howeth

Prop Master
Mark Richardson

Set Decorator
Scott Owen

Costume Designer
Danielle Baker

Make-Up artist and hair-stylist
Rosanna Montes

Lighting Director
Dennis Bishop

Script Supervisors
Jody Blose
Mark Thomas

Sound Mixer
Chuck Buch, C.A.S.

Production Coordinator
Lisa Stuckey

Extras Casting
BJ Casting

Production Accountants
Brett Born
Susan Ciari


Ransford Doherty


Danny Wayne

Kim Strauss

Takach and Kired
David Lodge

Score Composed by
Lior Rosner

Theme Composed by
Lior Rosner
Paul Gordon
Drew DeAscentis

Re-Recording Mixer
Ed Suski

Post Production Supervisor
Sean B. Backus

Richard Bracken
Eric Rainey

Visual Effects Supervisor
Richard Kerrigan

developed from “Gao Rangers” by
Toei Company, LTD.

Original Concepts by
Saburo Yatsude

Camera and Lenses Furnished by
Keslow Camera

The persons and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

(c)MMII BVS Entertainment, Inc. and BVS International N.V.

All Rights Reserved.

Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment

and Toei Company, LTD.

In Association with
MMPR Productions, Inc.

Saban Brands LLC

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