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Name: Alex (Played by: Jason Faunt)
Bio: Alex was the Red Time Force Ranger in the year 3000, and Jen’s fiance. But Ransik struck him down, and Ransik escaped to the past. Alex gives his Morpher to Jen and explains that there are four more on the Time Ship. Jen promises Alex that she will catch Ransik, and Alex takes his final breath.
Jen and her team – Lucas, Trip and Katie become stranded in the year 2001. They discover that the other four Morphers can’t be activated without the Red Chrono Morpher. But a citizen named Wesley is revealed to have a genetic resemblance to Alex, so Jen gives the Red Chrono Morpher to Wes to activate the Morphers and become Rangers. At first, Jen refused to let Wes join the team and took the Morpher from him after the Morphers were activated, but eventually, she was finally able to accept him.

Captain Logan
Name: Captain Logan (Played by: Roy Werner)
Bio: Time Force commanding officer.

Name: Circuit (Brianne Siddall (Voice))
Bio: Circuit is a mechanical owl which becomes an information source for the team and is cared by Trip. Circuit calls Captain Logan to send the Zords when needed.

Name: Philips (Played by: Douglas Fisher)
Bio: Philips is the family butler of the Collins.

Mr. Albert Collins
Name: Mr. Albert Collins (Played by: Edward Laurence Albert)
Bio: Mr. Collins is Wesley’s father and a millionaire businessman.

Silver Guardians
Name: Silver Guardians
First Appearance: Episode 12
Bio: The Silver Guardians were formed by Mr. Collins to protect Silver Hills from Ransik’s attacks but were to only protect the clients who pay for their services…

Commander Porter
Name: Commander Porter (Played by: Marcus Lavoi)
First Appearance: Episode 12
Bio: Commander Porter was leader of the Silver Guardians, but he became injured so Mr. Collins replaced him.

Dr. Michael Zaskin
Name: Dr. Michael Zaskin (Played by: Ken Merckx)
First Appearance: Episode 16
Bio: Dr. Zaskin works for Mr. Collins in researching every aspect of the Quantum powers.

Name: Notacon (Barbara Goodson (Voice))
Episode(s): 19
Type: Mutant
Weaponry: None
Powers(Att): Blast; glide
Bio: Notacon isn’t a violent mutant and was only arrested for stealing some vegetables. No one would feed him because of the way he looks, so he had to steal or he would have starved. Frax reanimated him, but Notacon refused to fight for Ransik. Trip protected Notacon from being destroyed, but Frax used a device to force Notacon to attack. The device placed on Notacon is destroyed by Green Ranger using the Electro Booster then the Rangers use Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red’s Blizzard Slash finisher to freeze Notacon.



Name: Dash (Played by: Riley Schmidt (human form and voice))
Episode(s): 22
Type: Mutant
Weaponry: Sword (armor form)
Powers(Att): Able to change to human form; blasting (armor form)
Bio: Dash was a Racecar driver. Lucas use to race Dash, the only guy who could ever beat Lucas. Dash got too cocky and one day he was fooling around, racing on the street for fun. He caused a terrible accident, and then there was a trial, and Lucas had to testify against him and Dash was frozen. Nadira reanimates Dash to take her shopping. Dash later ditches Nadira. Dash refuses to work for Nadira, so Nadira uses a device encasing him in armor that forces him to attack the Rangers. Nadira makes him grow. The Rangers form Time Force Megazord Mode Red and destroy the armor with a charged blast from the Saber. Dash wants Lucas to take him in and promises that everything will be different when he gets out. So Blue Ranger pulls the saber, and Dash is refrozen by Time Force Megazord Mode Red’s Time Freeze saber strike finisher.

White Knight
Name: White Knight (Played by: Justin N. Thompson); (Oliver Page (Voice))
Episode(s): 32
Type: Unknown
Weaponry: Lance; shield
Bio: The White Knight protected the Battle Fire but was defeated by the Black Knight. His spirit appeared to Wes when Wes received the Battle Fire.

Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
Name: Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
Episode(s): 33
Bio: The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers team up with the Time Force Rangers to stop Vypra and a Super Demon.
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